001 – Road Trip!

00:20 What have we backed on Kickstarter?

Kate backed The Veil: Cyberpunk RPG by Fraser Simons http://samjoko.storenvy.com/

Rob backed Threadbare RPG by Stephanie Bryant – http://www.threadbarerpg.com/

Rach backed Red Markets by Caleb Stokes – http://hebanon.blogspot.ca/

00:37 The Veil

02:25 The Spark by Jason Pitre

02:30 Apocalypse World by Vincent Baker and Meguey Baker

04:15 Urban Shadows by Andrew Medeiros and Mark Diaz Truman

7:15 The Sprawl: Cyberpunk Roleplaying by Hamish Cameron

8:00 Dream Askew by Avery McDaldno

8:45 The Watch by Anna Kreider and Andrew Medeiros

10:30 Threadbare RPG

11:30 +1 Forward’s podcast by Rich Rogers http://www.gauntlet-rpg.com/1-forward/threadbare-rpg

12:00 Golden Sky Stories by Ryo Kamiya translated by Ewen Cluney

14:00 Laser Kittens by Cheyenne Wall-Grimes and Stentor Danielson

15:15 Red Markets

15:45 Summerland by Greg Saunders

19:45 The Sociology of D&D by Matthew Colville, https://youtu.be/EHUCi6ZbVxU


23:40 Road Trip to Jiffy Con!

JiffyCon West MA, Hampshire College in Amherst, June 11, 2016! http://jiffycon.blogspot.ca/

25:00 Robert Bohl, Emily Care Boss, Epidiah Ravachol, Hannah Shaffer

25:10 Noirlandia by Evan Rowland and Hannah Shaffer

26:00 Fall of Magic by Ross Cowman

26:20 Ten Candles by Stephen Dewey

27:30 Dungeons & Dragons by the Wizards of the Coast team

27:40 Star Wars by the Fantasy Flight team

28:00 Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League

29:10 Masks by Brendan G. Conway

30:00 Anna Kreider’s Blog Go Make Me a Sandwich, www.patreon.com/gmmas

Specifically the Pathfinder posts:




30:23 The Ruined Empire by Anna Kreider

30:23 401 Games, http://store.401games.ca/


30:45 Games To Play On A Roadtrip!

Rob wants to play Ribbon Drive by Avery McDaldno, http://buriedwithoutceremony.com/ribbon-drive/

Rach wants to play Amidst Endless Quiet by Ben Lehman, http://www.tao-games.com/amidst-endless-quiet/

Kate wants to play A Penny for My Thoughts by Sean Nittner, http://www.evilhat.com/home/a-penny-for-my-thoughts/

31:45 Ribbon Drive

34:30 Amidst Endless Quiet

38:45 Fiasco by Jason Morningstar

39:00 The Hour between Dog & Wolf by Matthew Gwinn

39:30 A Penny for my Thoughts



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